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**************************** ALEXANDER ENTERPRISES *********************************** ********************************* THE QUALITY FIRM *****************************************
Steve Lockitch, K7IVC, is Founder, President, and CEO. Our Dun and Bradstreet number is 08-148-9494!
**************************************************************************************************** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUY QUALITY PRINTING AND BE SALUBRIOUSLY SALUBRIOUS OR DON'T AND BE LUGUBRIOUSLY LUGUBRIOUS!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ****************************************************************************************************
Since 1974, ALEXANDER ENTERPRISES has been specializing in professional quality raised and flat print, foil, plastic, embossed, and 4 color process business cards, stationery items, post cards, announcements, automotive, contractor, computer, and business forms in carbon and carbonless up to 4 parts, labels, rubber stamps, color post cards, presentation folders, magnets, pens, and other advertising specialty items. PRICES ARE COMPETITIVE AND DELIVERY TO ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES COMPLIMENTARY.
**************************************************************************************************** ******* PRICES EFFECTIVE JANUARY, 2011 AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! ********* ****************************************************************************************************
BUSINESS CARDS start at $63.95 per thousand for one color ink and $72.95 per thousand for two ink colors on quality 80 pound or 9 point linen or classic laid. For the ULTIMATE business image foil stamped (not ink) business cards on quality 12 point cover wine (dark red), indigo (deep blue), or jade (green) marble, solid red, blue, black, white, gold, silver, or pearl glaskote or 80 pound or 9 point navy, forest, or midnight linen or red or espresso vellum stock from $142.25 per thousand to $233.00 per thousand, 10 mil. flexible transparent plastic business cards are $178.75 to $279.75 per thousand. 110 pound or 13 point brillant white or natural white classic crest business cards, 20 and 30 mil. magnetic, and embossed business cards are also available. MATCHING LETTERHEADS from $101.00 for 500 and $145.00 for 1,000 for one color ink to $331.00 for 500 and $451.00 for 1,000 for 2 ink colors and 2 foil colors and MATCHING ENVELOPES from $129.75 for 500 and $197.50 for 1,000 for 1 color ink to $351.75 for 500 and $497.50 for 1,000 for 2 ink colors and 2 foil colors are available. Two ink colors, 2 ink colors and 1 foil color, 1 ink color and 1 foil color, and all foil are also available. Letterheads and envelopes are on quality 24 pound linen or classic laid and either laser proof (guaranteed not to melt in laser printers or copiers) raised print or flat print, as well as a plethora of other stocks, are also available. STANDARD INK COLORS: black, maroon, gold, purple, gray, blue, process (light) blue, brown, yellow, teal, orange, green, dark green, and red. STANDARD TWO INK COLOR COMBINATIONS: BLACK - any standard color; BLUE - black, brown, gold, gray, or red; BROWN - black, blue, or orange; GRAY - black, blue or maroon; RED - black, blue, or green. STANDARD FOIL COLORS: gold, silver, copper, black, blue, red, white, teal, green, purple, and pink. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY WEB SITE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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